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For all SNC publications

The Scientific Board agreed on the following mandatory add ons for all SNC publications (= any study using SNC data):

Please add to the authors list:

… for the SNC study group

Please add the following acknowledgment:

We thank the Swiss Federal Statistical Office for providing mortality and census data and for the support which made the Swiss National Cohort and this study possible. This work was supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (grant nos. 3347CO-108806, 33CS30_134273 and 33CS30_148415). The members of the Swiss National Cohort Study Group are Matthias Egger (Chairman of the Executive Board), Adrian Spoerri and Marcel Zwahlen (all Bern), Milo Puhan (Chairman of the Scientific Board), Matthias Bopp (both Zurich), Martin Röösli (Basel), Murielle Bochud (Lausanne) and Michel Oris (Geneva).

Optional, if a statement about data access is needed, e.g. “data is available upon request”, please use the following:

Individual data from different data sets were used for the construction of the SNC. All these data are the property of the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (SFSO) and can only be made available by legal agreements with the SFSO. This also applies to derivatives such as the analysis files used for this study. However, after approval of the SNC Scientific Board, a specific SNC module contract with the SFSO would allow researchers to receive analysis files for replication of the analysis. Data requests should be sent to Prof. Milo Puhan (chairman of the SNC Scientific Board, ).

New publication: Please send new publications to snc_info(at)ispm.unibe(dot)ch. Thus, we can keep the SNC publication list updated. Thank you for your collaboration.