Ongoing Projects

Project list

This list provides insight in the current SNC. Only a selection of ongoing research projects are presented.

Small nested projects
Responsible Title
Moser André and Stuck Andreas ProAge: Predicting mortality in a sample of Swiss community-dwelling older persons
Lerch Mathias and Oris Michel The role of causes of death and social inequalities in the rectangularisation of the survival curve in Switzerland
Röösli Martin and Vienneau Danielle Mutual effects of radon and UV exposure on skin cancer in Switzerland
Large nested projects
Responsible Title
Zwahlen Marcel and Steck Nicole The epidemiology of suicide assisted by right-to-die organisations in Switzerland – PhD project
Other projects (core SNC funds or other funding)
Responsible Title
Egger Matthias and Moser André Regional effects of lung cancer in Switzerland
Genton Laurance and Spoerri Adrian Body composition: a predictor of mortality in subjects ≥ 65 years?
Fäh David and Spoerri Adrian Altitude and CVD mortality